Bungie’s Destiny

Bungie’s new Destiny
Check out this preview for Bungie’s Latest project and we will discuss…

Let’s face it Bungie. Your story tells of a golden age long ago, when your REACH spanned the gaming system. It was a bright and hopeful time…but it didn’t last. Something hit you, tried to knock you down and stamp you out. And everyone knows it was 343 industries.
I don’t know about you but in the preview I see a Halo-esque sphere hovering in the distance. The armor looks like something out of a Spartan apocalypse. And the story seems quite similar to well…(insert your opinion here) Halo was your halo Bungie, a glimmering golden arc upon your gaming head that made you a meteor casting Behemoth.
You will notice some fresh ideas though. I love the new studio digs and the direction you guys are taking the company. Please note that Iphone or Android apps are welcome if they actually do something other than change your in-game load outs or appearance. I think we are all very interested on this “living world” concept. On another note Activision has signed on for 10 years of this franchise, that is a lot of ground to cover! Can this be your Pathway out of Darkness? Can anything be bigger than the Halo franchise? I guess we will find out…when you set a release date.

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