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Harlem Shake Pronounced Dead!

For Immediate release:
We regret to inform you that today Feb 24th at 0925 hours Pacific Standard Time the Harlem Shake was pronounced dead. Due to this tragic loss the family urges you to PLEASE STOP MAKING HARLEM SHAKE VIDEOS. He leaves behind many illegitimate children and fans that will discover him at a later date. Please ensure them that the Harlem Shake is now in a better place.

The life of Harlem Shake:

Born in the 80’s this dance craze was born in Harlem. It was similar to pop-locking style of the west coast, but at a faster rate using the upper body. In the late 90’s and early 2000 Harlem Shake was in several Hip Hop videos. He enjoyed his new wealth and stardom occasionally doing club gigs for charity. He resurfaced in 2012 when a young Electronica DJ, Baauer used his name in a heavily influenced bass track. On February 5th of 2013 He became an overnight smash by going viral on the internet. It appeared things were going up from here, the next 19 days would prove fatal.
Events leading to demise

Foul play is suspected from his new business partner Youtube, who would not contact us for an interview. An autopsy at the time of this article reveals that the cause of death was overexposure to the masses. Like all young stars Harlem Shake had bouts of depression and drug abuse. Unfortunately his friends and family let people continue “to do” the Harlem Shake despite overt signs of chemical dependency to dope beats.
With such an ease of entry and simple editing anyone, and everyone could do it. “Why even a monkey walrus can do the harlem shake!” they said. Poor Shake could not stand the pressure of this ressurgance of popularity.
In memory of Harlem shake.
There were many things that Harlem shake wanted to do in his tender age. recently he was working with his long time friend Shake Weight on a music video. Rumors were that Puff Daddy P.Diddy Diddy himself wanted to do a hip hop Re-Remix of the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake will live on in clubs and households across the country and the world. However, please refrain from starting his downward spiral by posting YouTube videos or worse, creating legitemate business commercials. Donations for the Harlem Shake’s funeral expenses can be made here, as he could not afford life nor health insurance on his internet impression budget.
Until Next Time,
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New venue for Beyond Wonderland

NOS Events Center vs San Miguel AmphitheaterIt looks like Insomniac has been working on a change of venue for their popular Beyond Wonderland festival from the¬†National Orange Show Events Center to the San Manuel Amphitheater. This change should be able to boost capacity by quite a bit as it’s double the size of the NOS Events Center.


Police Chief Robert Handy and residents from the city of San Bernardino had tensions with Insomniac from previous events which prompted the change. Live Nation¬†Entertainment Inc. would deploy extra security staff and have the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deploy extra deputies to keep the concert safe and orderly. The County Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to allow raves at the amphitheater but San Bernardino City Attorney James Penman,¬†Supervisor Janice Rutherford along with many Devore residents were unsatisfied with the board’s decision because of crime and public safety concerns that come from events like this.


Beyond Wonderland is set for March 16, 2013 and ticket prices, as of this post, are $65 for 18+ and VIP for 21+ at $150.

Further detailed information can be found on the LA Times website.

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