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Warm Bodies

Who doesn’t love a good zombie story? Now I’ve been a fan of the Resident Evil Games and their movies since the first time a zombie dog crashed through a window as I dropped the dual shock. I am pretty sure I’m the only one here at WhaddupNow with the tools and training required to survive the zombie apocalypse. That being said, I’m not really looking forward to movies like World War Z. It seems like the zombie genre is getting way too generic after an awesome series like The Walking Dead.


Here is your typical scenario. Someone is always racing to find a cure through extreme odds. They can’t trust anyone that has the look of hunger in their eyes, but somehow they run into a like minded survivor. They encounter a Corpus Vigere and learn to shoot it in the head or sever the brain stem in an entertaining way. Eventually someone gets and turns on their friends. You know standard stuff.


But have you ever wondered what the zombie thought about you? Of course not because we are told zombies don’t think! This is why I was somewhat thrilled at the concept behind warm bodies. Shaun of the Dead was a hilarious departure to the standard shoot them in a head flick. This movie hopes to achieve sort of the same glory but gives us the zombie perspective.


This movie is a good break from the nameless, faceless, groaning flesh bags that want to eat your brains shtick. Our Protagonist R explains his zombie habits by being nothing more than forgetting who he was because well… he’s the living dead. Oh and by the way they don’t eat your brains because they want to, but because they have to. As a bonus to eating brains, that’s where all the cool memories are stored! Something happens when he sees Julie blowing away his buddies in a firefight. And in a strange way, it all makes sense.


This movie has quite a bit of humor in it regarding the zombie culture but it is well balanced with some action and tender moments. I wouldn’t call it suspenseful but there are some moments that leave you wondering what will happen next. At it’s heart, and this is where it gets interesting… it’s a chick flick. There are some pretty corny romantic subtexts but they also manage to poke fun at themselves which I like.

The performance by Nicholas Hoult as R was pretty spot on and he doesn’t break character. Teresa Palmer as Julie does a great job at being the girl next door that can kick your ass. There is also a shade of vulnerability to her character has that she nails.

The whole love in the apocalypse theme is played out well and the humor in it is worth a look. It’s a balanced movie but nothing really strikes me in it as memorable or exciting. I don’t think it will run into territory of cult classic anytime soon.

If you are a fellow doomsday prepper and would like something different to lighten the mood check it out. Also ladies, if you’re trying to trick your guy into watching a romantic comedy with you for Valentines Day he will probably not cringe at this one. If he doesn’t get a few laughs out of it then…maybe he’s a zombie!

Until next time (Nemesis voice) S.T.A.R.S!

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