A Good Day to Die Hard

There I was enjoying the tepid dusk air. I noticed a woman with silky hair and supple skin about thirty yards back. I glanced in her direction and she shuffled quickly towards me. “It must be a good day” I thought as her perfume lingered in the air. However, when our gaze locked it felt like something was off, could this be a Russian spy tailing me? Maybe I’m paranoid but I kept one hand on my fandango just to be safe. When I open the door for her I realize, a shame I am not paying attention to her pert lips. I am paranoid; there are no reflections in the glass or abnormal shadows in the distance. I enter the foyer and casually swing my head to each side to get my bearings. Running potential exit strategies, identifying threats and localizing civilians; I smile as I think to myself, old habits Die Hard! As I get closer to the dark chestnut desk where the receptionist sits I could smell the heavy, buttery aroma of a botched chemical experiment. Suddenly the woman throws her arms around and speaks to me softly with her glossy lips. “Do you want some popcorn?”


Now I know John Mclane isn’t known for being the suave spy type that I imagine myself as when I’m in the movie theatre. If you haven’t seen any of the Die Hard movies basically, he likes to blow stuff up and shoot bad guys. And that’s exactly what I needed after a hectic Valentine’s Day. In this Fifth installment of the Die Hard series somehow John runs himself straight into a botched CIA mission while looking for his son. It seems that those hero genes run & gun themselves in the family. His son Jack is being held prisoner and on the run in present day Moscow. There’s a top secret file that everyone wants that brings them all to good old Chernobyl and well… you have to see the rest.


I enjoyed the acting in this movie. Bruce Willis has his character nailed and everyone seems clear of their character motivations. Jai Courtney as Jack seems a little stiff at first but learns to loosen up during his ordeal. Hoping that was actual the direction of the film maker for his character and not his actual acting style. A very strong performance from Sebastian Koch as Komorov who needs all the help he can get, but will also stand on his own with these two running around.


Special effects were great, slightly bending the laws of physics but not really smashing them apart that you would notice. There is a very well orchestrated car chase near the beginning of the film that I enjoyed immensely. As a car guy and I admit haven’t seen a well made car chase in a newer movie in quite a while. I would be stunned to hear how much collateral damage and man hours that scene alone would cost. The pace of the movie is pretty quick from beginning to end so don’t leave your seat! You will probably miss something worthwhile. I think not only Die Hard fans but action fans in general will catch some subtle nuances that John brings to the mechanics of the game.


Now I know I poked a lot of fun at this movie before seeing the previews by calling it “Die Hard 15” or “Why don’t you die, Die Hard” Titles that may be relevant in the future, but I was quite satisfied with the experience. I say it lives up to the expectations of the original movie complete with explosions, chases, humor and the occasional double cross. I won’t spoil it for you but you know it’s in there! At its heart A Good Day to Die Hard, Is a touching story about a father coaching his son on the subtleties of being a badass. There are some genuinely funny male bonding moments along with enough thrills rides to satisfy your day.
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