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Bungie’s Destiny

Bungie’s new Destiny
Check out this preview for Bungie’s Latest project and we will discuss…

Let’s face it Bungie. Your story tells of a golden age long ago, when your REACH spanned the gaming system. It was a bright and hopeful time…but it didn’t last. Something hit you, tried to knock you down and stamp you out. And everyone knows it was 343 industries.
I don’t know about you but in the preview I see a Halo-esque sphere hovering in the distance. The armor looks like something out of a Spartan apocalypse. And the story seems quite similar to well…(insert your opinion here) Halo was your halo Bungie, a glimmering golden arc upon your gaming head that made you a meteor casting Behemoth.
You will notice some fresh ideas though. I love the new studio digs and the direction you guys are taking the company. Please note that Iphone or Android apps are welcome if they actually do something other than change your in-game load outs or appearance. I think we are all very interested on this “living world” concept. On another note Activision has signed on for 10 years of this franchise, that is a lot of ground to cover! Can this be your Pathway out of Darkness? Can anything be bigger than the Halo franchise? I guess we will find out…when you set a release date.

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Harlem Shake Pronounced Dead!

For Immediate release:
We regret to inform you that today Feb 24th at 0925 hours Pacific Standard Time the Harlem Shake was pronounced dead. Due to this tragic loss the family urges you to PLEASE STOP MAKING HARLEM SHAKE VIDEOS. He leaves behind many illegitimate children and fans that will discover him at a later date. Please ensure them that the Harlem Shake is now in a better place.

The life of Harlem Shake:

Born in the 80’s this dance craze was born in Harlem. It was similar to pop-locking style of the west coast, but at a faster rate using the upper body. In the late 90’s and early 2000 Harlem Shake was in several Hip Hop videos. He enjoyed his new wealth and stardom occasionally doing club gigs for charity. He resurfaced in 2012 when a young Electronica DJ, Baauer used his name in a heavily influenced bass track. On February 5th of 2013 He became an overnight smash by going viral on the internet. It appeared things were going up from here, the next 19 days would prove fatal.
Events leading to demise

Foul play is suspected from his new business partner Youtube, who would not contact us for an interview. An autopsy at the time of this article reveals that the cause of death was overexposure to the masses. Like all young stars Harlem Shake had bouts of depression and drug abuse. Unfortunately his friends and family let people continue “to do” the Harlem Shake despite overt signs of chemical dependency to dope beats.
With such an ease of entry and simple editing anyone, and everyone could do it. “Why even a monkey walrus can do the harlem shake!” they said. Poor Shake could not stand the pressure of this ressurgance of popularity.
In memory of Harlem shake.
There were many things that Harlem shake wanted to do in his tender age. recently he was working with his long time friend Shake Weight on a music video. Rumors were that Puff Daddy P.Diddy Diddy himself wanted to do a hip hop Re-Remix of the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake will live on in clubs and households across the country and the world. However, please refrain from starting his downward spiral by posting YouTube videos or worse, creating legitemate business commercials. Donations for the Harlem Shake’s funeral expenses can be made here, as he could not afford life nor health insurance on his internet impression budget.
Until Next Time,
Teach Me how to Dougie!

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A Good Day to Die Hard

There I was enjoying the tepid dusk air. I noticed a woman with silky hair and supple skin about thirty yards back. I glanced in her direction and she shuffled quickly towards me. “It must be a good day” I thought as her perfume lingered in the air. However, when our gaze locked it felt like something was off, could this be a Russian spy tailing me? Maybe I’m paranoid but I kept one hand on my fandango just to be safe. When I open the door for her I realize, a shame I am not paying attention to her pert lips. I am paranoid; there are no reflections in the glass or abnormal shadows in the distance. I enter the foyer and casually swing my head to each side to get my bearings. Running potential exit strategies, identifying threats and localizing civilians; I smile as I think to myself, old habits Die Hard! As I get closer to the dark chestnut desk where the receptionist sits I could smell the heavy, buttery aroma of a botched chemical experiment. Suddenly the woman throws her arms around and speaks to me softly with her glossy lips. “Do you want some popcorn?”


Now I know John Mclane isn’t known for being the suave spy type that I imagine myself as when I’m in the movie theatre. If you haven’t seen any of the Die Hard movies basically, he likes to blow stuff up and shoot bad guys. And that’s exactly what I needed after a hectic Valentine’s Day. In this Fifth installment of the Die Hard series somehow John runs himself straight into a botched CIA mission while looking for his son. It seems that those hero genes run & gun themselves in the family. His son Jack is being held prisoner and on the run in present day Moscow. There’s a top secret file that everyone wants that brings them all to good old Chernobyl and well… you have to see the rest.


I enjoyed the acting in this movie. Bruce Willis has his character nailed and everyone seems clear of their character motivations. Jai Courtney as Jack seems a little stiff at first but learns to loosen up during his ordeal. Hoping that was actual the direction of the film maker for his character and not his actual acting style. A very strong performance from Sebastian Koch as Komorov who needs all the help he can get, but will also stand on his own with these two running around.


Special effects were great, slightly bending the laws of physics but not really smashing them apart that you would notice. There is a very well orchestrated car chase near the beginning of the film that I enjoyed immensely. As a car guy and I admit haven’t seen a well made car chase in a newer movie in quite a while. I would be stunned to hear how much collateral damage and man hours that scene alone would cost. The pace of the movie is pretty quick from beginning to end so don’t leave your seat! You will probably miss something worthwhile. I think not only Die Hard fans but action fans in general will catch some subtle nuances that John brings to the mechanics of the game.


Now I know I poked a lot of fun at this movie before seeing the previews by calling it “Die Hard 15” or “Why don’t you die, Die Hard” Titles that may be relevant in the future, but I was quite satisfied with the experience. I say it lives up to the expectations of the original movie complete with explosions, chases, humor and the occasional double cross. I won’t spoil it for you but you know it’s in there! At its heart A Good Day to Die Hard, Is a touching story about a father coaching his son on the subtleties of being a badass. There are some genuinely funny male bonding moments along with enough thrills rides to satisfy your day.
Until Next time

Yippie Kay Yay Mother…!

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Warm Bodies

Who doesn’t love a good zombie story? Now I’ve been a fan of the Resident Evil Games and their movies since the first time a zombie dog crashed through a window as I dropped the dual shock. I am pretty sure I’m the only one here at WhaddupNow with the tools and training required to survive the zombie apocalypse. That being said, I’m not really looking forward to movies like World War Z. It seems like the zombie genre is getting way too generic after an awesome series like The Walking Dead.


Here is your typical scenario. Someone is always racing to find a cure through extreme odds. They can’t trust anyone that has the look of hunger in their eyes, but somehow they run into a like minded survivor. They encounter a Corpus Vigere and learn to shoot it in the head or sever the brain stem in an entertaining way. Eventually someone gets and turns on their friends. You know standard stuff.


But have you ever wondered what the zombie thought about you? Of course not because we are told zombies don’t think! This is why I was somewhat thrilled at the concept behind warm bodies. Shaun of the Dead was a hilarious departure to the standard shoot them in a head flick. This movie hopes to achieve sort of the same glory but gives us the zombie perspective.


This movie is a good break from the nameless, faceless, groaning flesh bags that want to eat your brains shtick. Our Protagonist R explains his zombie habits by being nothing more than forgetting who he was because well… he’s the living dead. Oh and by the way they don’t eat your brains because they want to, but because they have to. As a bonus to eating brains, that’s where all the cool memories are stored! Something happens when he sees Julie blowing away his buddies in a firefight. And in a strange way, it all makes sense.


This movie has quite a bit of humor in it regarding the zombie culture but it is well balanced with some action and tender moments. I wouldn’t call it suspenseful but there are some moments that leave you wondering what will happen next. At it’s heart, and this is where it gets interesting… it’s a chick flick. There are some pretty corny romantic subtexts but they also manage to poke fun at themselves which I like.

The performance by Nicholas Hoult as R was pretty spot on and he doesn’t break character. Teresa Palmer as Julie does a great job at being the girl next door that can kick your ass. There is also a shade of vulnerability to her character has that she nails.

The whole love in the apocalypse theme is played out well and the humor in it is worth a look. It’s a balanced movie but nothing really strikes me in it as memorable or exciting. I don’t think it will run into territory of cult classic anytime soon.

If you are a fellow doomsday prepper and would like something different to lighten the mood check it out. Also ladies, if you’re trying to trick your guy into watching a romantic comedy with you for Valentines Day he will probably not cringe at this one. If he doesn’t get a few laughs out of it then…maybe he’s a zombie!

Until next time (Nemesis voice) S.T.A.R.S!

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Playstation 3 3/4 Teaser???

So the ever secretive Playstation has released this new promo for 2013. There is much speculation as to what it all means…

Notice the sleek lines and the powerful strikes of color? Perhaps it’s a much needed upgrade to the playstaion move device. Compared to the Xbox Kinect it’s kind of cumbersome and awkward design. Not to discount the fun factor of the Move. We actually had a blast playing disc golf and bocce ball on it just the other night!
The big rumor is that it hints at a powerfull new system being activated. Dare I say, the Orbis Playstation 4!!! More than likely there will be one more re-skin to the system. The super slim was just introduced that is smaller and quieter. Speaking of quiet, the usual Playstation bing isn’t heard and there is 4 seconds of silence after the promo, hmmm. Whatever it is it’s slated for a February 20th release. If you follow anything in the gaming world you know E3 isn’t until June of this year. So we doubt they would release any word of the Playstation 4 before then… or would they???
We will let you know when we find out next month!

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The Art of the Kickstarter

I hate making new years resolutions! Often times they are unrealistic, trivial or downright messy. I try to focus on constant movement and being relevant. So let’s talk about last years goals that were accomplished instead. We released WhaddupNow 2.0 which was a dramatic improvement to the site. We attended quite a few events, and even bigger events outside of our scene, we even broke the release date for Black Ops II at a Gamestop event using our presentation service. All things we want to do again this year, but why spoil the fun of what is in store (chuckle) this year with a resolution?

Resolutions are kind of similar to starting a project, you have to do it everyday to be effective. A few of us were in a meeting thinking of merchandise and how awesome it would be to get some shirts printed. We tried going with Joe Schmo’s T’s and things but I HATED their quality, I thought we could do it better ourselves. We wanted to make shirts for us and the people in our scene, but how do we get the required funding in order to get a start? Well we kept hearing about Kickstarter. In August of 2012 yet to be released Ouya game system was breaking records with their project funding of $8,596,474.

We all would probably like to have the same problem right? So if you are thinking about starting or have started a project chances are you are reading this to give you a small edge. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter think of a site specifically geared to create funding for (almost) whatever you want to do. There are many categories, chances are your project will fit into one of them. Here’s a short list on how to create a project.
1.Define your objective: Be brutally honest with yourself and don’t over think it.
2.Create a video: Be yourself and state why you are excited about your project
3.Create rewards: Tiers of stuff you will send for the amount invested
4.Create a reasonable funding amount
5.Define a date: 30-90 days, they say 30 is optimum I will get to that next.
6.Submit and hope you don’t have to re-do 1-3 again.

I’ve had a few friends that have wanted my opinion about creating a project on Kickstarter. Prepare for what I will tell you next, because you have to be funded at 100% or you don’t get funded…at all. So even if you follow my advice you may fail. We had failed, which is why the 2012 shirt project was the Bane to my Batman. But doing the process first hand I can give you some tips you won’t get anywhere else.

Tip #1 Set your target date. For the next 30 to 90 this project will become your baby, everyday you will want to nurture it. We set our project to split the difference, 45 days. My mistake was trying to market the shirt project, while also trying to learn how to create shirts. Do yourself a favor and complete your project first. If you are still in concept and planning there are other ways, better ways to start a project, unless you have something extremely innovative.

There are two big things going on here because you cannot change the end date. You have to think about rewards and marketing your project. The main reason you want to get it out early is the way the system works. Funding doesn’t take place until the time expires; think about your backers and when they will get their rewards. You want all of the time to tell people about your project, not to try and finish it too.

Tip #2 Create awesome rewards. We had some cool stuff to give out but I have seen other projects that will reward you with compliments. My message to those types projects; thank me later, send me some cool stuff first! On a whole you want to have something of universal value for your backers. Keep in mind that you can add rewards; they can also be modified UNTIL you have a backer for that item.

Tip #3 Think about your backers. We had a lot of people that said they would be interested in a shirt. But we realized there are a few limiting factors to someone who wants to support your project. They have to create an account themselves and then they have to create an Amazon account. Then they have to wait for your project to finish before they are charged. Then they have to wait for you to ship them their stuff. True there are people that will follow you regardless but instead of trying to get new people to join Kickstarter, look at the people already on Kickstarter first as they have already backed other projects. Oh, and keep your audience engaged and entertained with updates.

Tip #4 Make measurable goals. Our objective was too broad, how do I know that? It took THREE renditions of our project to finally be approved. The funding of our goal was realistic but not so much for the demand of what we were doing. We started off with the lofty goal of covering the cost of equipment and production, but realistically we met only the cost of production. And like I said earlier it is %100 funding or nothing. Had we have started a little lower we would have met the goal.

Looking back it was a good experience. In those 45 days we went from idea, to concept, to an actual product. We are set to release some items very soon so keep tuned. As much as the whole thing defeated me the first time around I may even start another project here shortly. Now has this article given you second thoughts about starting a project? If you happen to fail miserably at it would you quit? If you said yes, I’m sorry to say that you aren’t ready…yet. If you’re not scurred (ie scared) and you are ready to sleep eat and breathe Kickstarter for the next 30-90 days, I salute you! Now get out there and start something! Hopefully you have a successful project and you can thank me later.


And If you are curious the title of this article draws quite a bit of influence from the book “The Art of the Start”. For me it was a really motivational and informative book about “bootstrapping” a project. I read it a while back and passed it to our Prez at WhaddupNow, for once he is actually reading it, shocking! Oh, and if you’re listening Guy Kawasaki. I’m making meaning… but I still need funding, please help!


Until next time,
Do a Barrel Roll!!!
– Eric “Corona”

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WhaddupNow: The Newsletter – February 2012


Welcome all to WhaddupNow 2.0! That last statement has been kind of been an inside joke over coffee as we revamped the website, its still being tweaked but stop by and check it out. We’ve been around for a while and we are finally starting to do what we wanted with this site…10 years ago. Haven’t heard of us yet? Well today is your lucky day! What is a WhaddupNow? Well it started as a greeting when saw each other, Whaddup! It then became a challenge during drinking hours and video game sessions, WhaddupNow! It then became a question one day in the year 2000 searching the interwebs in infancy. In example I want to go out why isn’t there a digital source for entertainment…WhaddupNow? Since then we have been attending events and taking photos of events for quite some time, Shawn the Obvious will explain more in his corner. Looking back and looking forward one thing is safe to say, we are here to stay! We have a name, a great nucleus of supporters and pretty soon merchandise and a few bigger and better ideas for the future. I think the real thing that kept us going, in a world where everything next year is outdated, was friendship. Friendship is something you can’t buy or sell like the upcoming stock in Facebook. Real friendship from the guys that hatched the idea extending all the way out to every person we meet along the way. I cant introduce everyone now but every month we will plan to highlight members and subscribers in our meet and greet section. Thanks for your support and having fun with us on the adventures. As a continued thank you we plan on giving away free stuff to our subscribers! You’ve already subscribed to the newsletter, that’s what you’re reading, so please like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google+, to increase your chances of winning! Please see the contest section below and contest rules for more information.



Isn’t It Obvious? (Written by CEO Shawn the Obvious)

Hello, hi there and howdy hey everyone! We’ve been off to a busy start for the 2012 year! We launched, as we like to call it, “WhaddupNow 2.0” and finally gathered all the pictures into one central location! No more looking all over the place trying to find your photos. Visit the main page and viola! Pictures are right there for the most recent pictures and if you’re looking for past events you can browse on over to the picture page and see all the photos from all events we have attended! We’re looking forward to bringing you new things as the year moves on. Sometimes we only think about the direction that we would like to see the site go, but we welcome all your input on how you would like to see it go! Please hit us up via one of our social networks or you can e-mail your thoughts and ideas to [email protected]. We can’t promise that everything that will happen, but we do care about your input and will put effort into getting what you want done. I’m really excited for the 2012 year and everything that it has in store for all of us and all of you!


Shawn the Obvious


(Now back to Corona!)


Upcoming Events

March 17, 2012 – Beyond Wonderland

April 7, 2012 – Fresh Anniversary

Meet and Greet

They always say write what you know so our first subject is the author of this newsletter, Government name Eric but they call him Corona. Not to say he will be writing this newsletter all of the time, but he likes to get the ball rolling. He’s always been like that since the day I met him. The throttle possibly also the gear shift in the vehicle of life. Now not always arriving there with passengers or even a driver on time, but exciting to drive, built like a tank and dependable as they make them. Why all of the analogies to speed, well he was part of a motorcycle club and that’s where he learned a thing or two about event planning and promotion. Things have kind of slowed on that front because of a pretty crazy crash last year, but you almost wouldn’t know it talking to him. He has a few projects in the mix for the WhaddupNow team, merchandise, the newsletter and bouncing more ideas off of his long time friend Shawn the Obvious. Corona doesn’t like to give quotes, but when he does he says; “The Dos Equis guy is kinda boring me.” Perhaps interesting guy can learn a thing or two?



Ladies and Gentleman…Start your engines! Sorry, I was part of a different scene. Everyone loves free stuff right? How about free tickets?

Facebook boost!

If we get 3,000 likes on our Facebook page by March 3rd we will give away two tickets to Beyond Wonderland taking place on March 17 at the NOS Events Center. Check out the Beyond Wonderland contest rules for more info.

Social networking boost!

In addition to hitting 3,000 likes on Facebook we will give away two tickets to Fresh Anniversary on April 7. If we hit 3,000 likes on our Google+ page by March 24 we’ll throw two more tickets in the pool, and if we have 3,000 subscribers to this newsletter by March 24th we’ll throw in another two tickets! That’s three separate ways to enter to win! We would like to thank Fresh Entertainment for these tickets! For more info check out the Fresh Anniversary contest rules.


Until next month!


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