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Playstation 3 3/4 Teaser???

So the ever secretive Playstation has released this new promo for 2013. There is much speculation as to what it all means…

Notice the sleek lines and the powerful strikes of color? Perhaps it’s a much needed upgrade to the playstaion move device. Compared to the Xbox Kinect it’s kind of cumbersome and awkward design. Not to discount the fun factor of the Move. We actually had a blast playing disc golf and bocce ball on it just the other night!
The big rumor is that it hints at a powerfull new system being activated. Dare I say, the Orbis Playstation 4!!! More than likely there will be one more re-skin to the system. The super slim was just introduced that is smaller and quieter. Speaking of quiet, the usual Playstation bing isn’t heard and there is 4 seconds of silence after the promo, hmmm. Whatever it is it’s slated for a February 20th release. If you follow anything in the gaming world you know E3 isn’t until June of this year. So we doubt they would release any word of the Playstation 4 before then… or would they???
We will let you know when we find out next month!

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